Cumulus is a lamp that detects weather conditions around the world and responds to them by changing the color and pattern of its light. Use CUMULUS  to alert you to current local weather conditions or just enjoy its colorful and playful lighting effects. 

In collaboration with Gloria Ip



Our goal was to create a lamp that could provide mood lighting and to incorporate an Arduino Uno to provide a more meaningful light . The images shows our very rough of and initial sketches of how we wanted the lamp to appear. 



For this project, we used Processing and an Arduino Uno to create a prototype that could bring our concept to life. Processing was used to grab weather conditions off of the Yahoo Weather server while the Arduino was used to code and run the different colors and patterns of the Neopixel light strips inside the cloud.  Both Processing and Arduino build on the Java programming language, but use a simplified syntax and graphics programming model, making them ideal for prototyping. 



Our final build has three different states for a variety of weather conditions which include clear, overcast, rain, snow, and stormy. When the weather condition changes, the LED lights in the cloud update automatically to indicate the new condition.