I worked as an intern on the Concur Labs team on designing a new application that would support the main Concur product called Personal Cards. During my internship, I worked with Cailin Li to prototype the web application.

With Concur's current application, it’s time-consuming to track, identify and log business-related charges from a personal credit card—and then create a cash transaction—just to be reimbursed. Personal Cards simplifies this process by allowing the user to send transactions to Concur right from their bank statements.

Problem Space



Expensing a charge shouldn't be this complicated.

Picture this. You're on a business trip and you purchased lunch. You don't have a corporate card, but your company allows you to expense meals during business trips.  Later that evening, you sit down to enter your expenses for the day.  In order to expense the meal, the Concur web app requires that you enter in the amount spent, the date  of the transaction, and a description of what you purchased. Whoops, you've lost the receipt from lunch, so you open your online bank statement to get all of the required information. You go about manually entering in all of the information for each purchase you did that day. Pretty annoying. To top it off, the Concur app requires a picture of your receipts for validation, are you've lost the one from lunch. Guess you're not expensing that one.

To avoid scenarios like this one, we wanted to create a web application that pulls transactions from you bank account and lets you automatically expense them with one click. This way there is NO information that you have to manually enter into Concur's app.  Additionally, since your pulling data from an official source (your bank), there would be less cases where pictures of receipts are required.



After logging in with their Concur account, the user is prompted to link their bank account.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.08.17 PM.png

The user can filter their transactions by bank account and trip (date filter)

multiple selections 1.png

The user can also select multiple transactions that they want to expense at one time.

multiple selections 2.png

Once they have expensed the transactions, they are shown a confirmation state. If they have realized they have made an error, they can undo the expense.

Inside the Concur Expense Web App

After clicking 'Add' or 'Add Selected' , the selected transactions are sent to the user's Concur expense list where they can file it into a report at a later time.