Exploring Seattle Through Public Transportation

Team Members

  • Angelica Cupat
  • Rohan Kharbanda
  • Melinda Kuei

Project Goals

How can we help people to explore the city of Seattle by leveraging existing public transportation and how can we make this process  stressless? Our goals of the project were to: 

  • Encourage use of public transportation for exploration
  • Reveal interconnectivity between the current forms of public transportation
  • Create a seamless process to navigate around the city
  • Make the process of exploration and adventure more accessible
  • Leverage existing knowledge to plan a better journey


Problem Space

Our team was charged with the broad task of improving Seattle's public transportation. From first-hand experience, we knew that getting around the city using public transportation wasn't exactly easy. The number of different routes are overwhelming, buses are often late, crowded and uncomfortable. To start ideating, our team plotted the specific pain points in the current transit system. We decided that we wanted to change the idea of bus commutes from 'transportation method' to 'adventure enabler'. 




In order to develop our solution, our next step was to conduct research. We first carried out primary research by interviewing students and friends about how they thought the public bus experience could be improved. We also researched facts about the current situation in Seattle regarding tourism and current forms of transportation. Lastly we identified and compared what kinds of solutions were already being offered to commuters and tourists.




To get a better understanding of the application features and aesthetic we wanted to incorporate, our team created a series of various  paper prototypes, mood boards, and conceptual models.  We based our system model around the concept of creating 'journeys' rather than just creating routes from A to B. We wanted users to be able to create travel plans with multiple destinations that conveniently included all the information they needed in one place. 



After testing our prototypes, our team was able to form the insights:

  • User feedback (ratings and comments) on journeys helps other users make informed decisions
  • Presenting estimated prices for destinations and travel is convenient for users
  • Time spent at a destination is variable. Displaying travel time is more valuable and easier to predict.



A mobile application that allows travelers to:

  • Share and view journeys with other users 
  • Explore places of interest in the city
  • Create their own personalized exploration experience with multiple stops or destinations and find public transportation routes to reach these locations
  • Purchase a travel pass to use on any of the city’s public transit systems
  • Access bus timings, route information and bus stop details

Interactive Prototype