Whitepages Premium

Search public records for any person in the U.S. including mobile numbers, bankruptcy records, and criminal records

The Whitepages Premium service provides subscribers access to U.S. public records including contact details, financial history, and criminal records to facilitate trust and connections.

 One of the key projects that I worked on during my time on the Whitepages Premium team was the redesign of the Premium dashboard and SERP (search engine results page).

UX Designer
Key skills
User Research, Persona Development, Visual Design

Where We Started

When I joined, the Whitepages Premium team expressed that the service had undergone very little iteration since its release one year prior. The dashboard housed the four main search functions of the product at the time — search by name, phone number, address, and for a person's court records. 

Search engine results

The SERP was organized in a way that made result finding very tedious. Lastly, the site often had misleading or confusing language as a result of marketing attempts. In order to address these issues, our team formulated a research question to help define the scope of the project and to guide us through the next steps in the process.

How can we help users more easily find who they're searching for?

Next, we decided to perform a round of user interviews to identify key pain points. Interview sessions were conducted over the phone and consisted of asking each interviewee about the nature of their usage of the service and having them describe their process on how they would obtain their goal.


People use the age as a first determining factor to see if they should proceed to a person's detail page

To look up a person, I usually look them up by their phone number since that's the easies way to find them. If I don't have their number, I have to use their name which is hard since if they have a common name there could be a ton of results

Identifying Key User types

The team also relied heavily on user research to develop insight into which areas of the platform needed improvement. We observed a lot of grievances in multiple areas, particularly discoverability of titles, and library management. With the collected observations, the team created two key user needs that we would keep in mind throughout the projects in conjunction with the Viveport team's design principles.

Navigating Iteration Through Prototyping and Usability Testing

Equipped with the insights we had gathered from the previous discovery phase, we started by creating an idealized customer journey experience.  We referenced past NPS surveys and used concept mapping to examine possible opportunities.

Developing Visuals, Voice, and, Tone

The team also needed to standardize the Whitepages Premium visual styles in order to support faster information-digestion and to be more consistent with other Whitepages products (Whitepages Coresite and Whitepages Pro). Two things we highly considered were the tone that we wanted to present and the age demographic.



Change what users see first

About 90% of searches users performed were for a person by their name. By incorporating a single search bar as the main focus on the dashboard, and by making  'person search' the default state, we were able to save many users time to complete their search. Additionally, switching between the search types was much less convoluted compared to before. Court records was replaced with  e-mail search, however, users could still access court records via a person search.

Search engine results

Help the user make informed decisions

From our research we established that people often distinguished the correct result by cross checking the age, therefore, in order to produce faster result-finding, we moved the person's age to the leftmost column. Secondly, we limited the number of entries shown in each category to five to reduce visual complexity. Search suggestion links were added to better help users find their targeted person if they were not included in the initial list of results.
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